DeviceAnywhere Test Planner

Test Planner

Test Planner™ helps optimize test plans for your mobile apps. It leverages the core capabilities of DeviceAnywhere Device Planner to assess market coverage of different devices and customize testing and QA plans for maximum speed and efficiency.

This tool provides a vital feedback loop for the next round of development, with usage and performance data to help optimize target markets (which devices/ OS versions to support), test plans (which issues in the field could be caught next time) and development priorities (which highly-used transactions took too long and should be optimized).

Optimize your test plans and accelerate your time to market.

Test Planner allows you to manage your mobile app test cases and test plans in the same tool where your team is performing the testing. So, customers can use Test Planner to create a centralized QA plan encompassing all test cases and target devices, and make it available to all QA resources.

No more excel spreadsheets to manage your test cases!

Test Planner comes included as part of any purchase of DeviceAnywhere Test Center Developer or DeviceAnywhere Enterprise products! It is a completely free way to manage all of your test cases. No more need to distribute separate files or store them on local drives.

Finally, a centralized way to manage your test all from within the
#1 Mobile Testing Platform—DeviceAnywhere.


  • • Optimized list of target test devices that will provide the most coverage in the market while balancing your time and testing resources.
  • • Create as many test plans as you want: smoke test, regression tests, different plans for each mobile application.
  • • Provides usage and performance data to help optimize test plans based on real issues in the field.
  • • Centrally manage all of your test assets, including devices, manual and automated test cases, and test plans.
  • • No more managing test cases and tracking test progress in a spreadsheet.
  • • Easy upload of all test cases into a collaborative environment for your whole team, with shared access to test plans and test results.


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