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DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Automation - HTML5 Web Testing

Native and Web-element based scripting to support all of your hybrid mobile apps and websites

Real device or browser-based testing? It’s a common dilemma for enterprise mobile app developers and QA professionals.

While most agree that testing on real devices is optimal for understanding the true mobile user experience, there are also some very practical efficiency and automation benefits to be gained from browser-based testing. There are tradeoffs either way.

With DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Automation, HTML5 Web Testing eliminates those tradeoffs. You can test on real devices with all the ease of browser-based testing and automate across different mobile devices and platforms. These capabilities enable you to accelerate time to market for new apps and platforms while saving substantial time and cost.

There are many other benefits as well including:
  • Increasing reusability of your test assets (scripts, devices) across different application formats
  • Automating web testing on real devices by operating on web elements -- increasing the
    reliability and robustness of your scripts
  • Interspersing web element commands with UI commands (e.g. image / text matching) as needed, to support
    hybrid application testing and Web testing including validation at both the element and UI level

Test Mobile Web and Hybrid Apps – from a Single Platform

Test on real devices, with the ease of browser-based testing!

One Testing Tool for All Your Mobile Properties

DeviceAnywhere’s full DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Automation suite allows you to re-use your test assets across
different mobile products and platforms

DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Automation HTML5 Web Testing provides ultimate flexibility for your mobile testing efforts.  You get all the benefits of testing on real devices for web apps, with the efficiency and convenience of leveraging the same script across multiple devices.  In addition, the DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Automation Suite includes both HTML5 Web Testing and UI-based testing, providing a single platform for testing all of your mobile properties, including mobile websites, native apps, and hybrid apps, allowing you to use the best scripting technology for the task at hand, and enabling reuse of common script elements.  This is important because if you’re like most companies, you’re going to continue to offer your customers a mix of these three technologies for the foreseeable future.

How it Works

HTML5 Web Testing is easy. Just check that your device browser (not your mobile app or website) is HTML5 compatible

  • Insert one line of javascript code on each page or once per site in the header.
    The code can also be injected automatically. 
  • Start writing test scripts that operate on web elements.

Get all the benefits of HTML5 Web Testing today!

Keynote's DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Automation with HTML5 Web Testing allows you to test on real devices with all the ease and convenience of browser-based testing.  You can automate test scripts across different mobile devices and platforms, accelerate time to market for new apps and platform support and save substantial time and cost.

Frost & Sullivan
“Keynote DeviceAnywhere provides world-class testing and monitoring solutions to the mobile enterprise market. It has cleverly designed end-to-end solutions and services for business process optimization that apply to the planning, execution and analysis phases of the mobile application lifecycle.”

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