"DeviceAnywhere provides the best services I've seen in the industry to help ensure the quality and scalability of mobile-related applications."
Ayyaz Yousaf, Senior Quality Assurance Manager, PayPal



Why is remote access to mobile devices useful?

By providing remote access to real handsets on live networks, Keynote DeviceAnywhere™ brings all these devices to your desktop - so your testers don’t need to be "in-market" to validate your mobile apps. Also no more purchasing handsets, managing handset inventory, and managing airtime plans; Keynote DeviceAnywhere does that all for you!

What can I do with these remotely accessible devices?

Anything that you could do on devices physically in your hands can be done on Keynote DeviceAnywhere handsets. For example, you can tap the device's touch screen, press the device's keypad and side buttons, speak into the handset's mic through your PC’s mic, view the handset's LCD display, listen to its speaker and ringer sounds, connect/disconnect its battery, power supply and data-cable, make calls, use the web browser, load applications, send/receive messages, and much more.

Is my Intellectual Property protected?

We take IP very seriously. While you are using a device, no one is able to see your device’s screen, except for users on your account that you have expressly invited to share your view. Further, Keynote DeviceAnywhere executes automated cleanup scripts that clean the device at the end of each session. These scripts “wash” the device, deleting all downloaded or installed applications, clearing the device log, the browser cache, and removing other usage footprints like text and/or picture messages. Note however, that protection of your organization’s IP is ultimately your responsibility. Therefore, if there is particularly sensitive material that you are testing, best practice is for you to remove any proprietary material from the device before releasing the device.

What if you don’t have a mobile handset or other mobile device that I want. Can I request a new one?

Yes. We are constantly adding new handsets and expanding our mobile testing service allowing you to test your mobile app on all popular mobile devices/tablets and networks.

How do I sign up for Keynote DeviceAnywhere?

DeviceAnywhere Enterprise is available as an online service and you can easily sign-up here or by contacting us or 1-877-338-4230 and selecting option 1 in the US or +44-755-401-3466 outside the US.


Can I make voice and data calls?

Yes. Each handset is equipped with a full voice and data plan, so you can utilize all available network services. We ensure devices are hosted in areas of reliable RF coverage to eliminate issues of bad radio reception. Devices also have Wi-Fi connections.

Can I install my pre-commercial applications on the devices for testing?

You can either download your applications over the air (OTA) or, if the device supports it, using a data cable. For example, Keynote DeviceAnywhere supports side-loading of applications to iOS devices, which do not support OTA downloads of pre-commercial apps.

Can I save screenshots and test results?

Individual screens or groups of screens can be saved and are accessed through the DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Interactive web results portal. These results will remain available to you for as long as you are a DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Interactive customer. You can also save frames or generate a movie of your device interaction, which you can use outside of the Keynote DeviceAnywhere environment. Lastly, you can generate URLs that go directly to your test results; these URLs can be securely emailed.

Does Keynote DeviceAnywhere capture audio and visual?

Yes. We capture up to 15 frames per second and store it frame-by-frame to make it easy for you to locate and annotate problem areas. Please note that we do not save audio separately – the only way to preserve an audio stream is to export the results into a movie.

Can multiple people use the same device at once?

No. This is a real device so only one user at a time can control it. However, if you would like other members of your team (on your Keynote DeviceAnywhere account) to be able to view the screen of the device you are using, you can share your screen with them. No one can see the device that you are working with unless you have explicitly invited them to view it with you.

Can I take a picture?

Yes. Many of our devices are equipped with clocks or LCDs in the view of the camera, so that you can use the camera functionality.


Do you have live technical support? Can I get 24/7 support?

We do have live, 24x7 technical support by phone or email. Report an issue either through Keynote DeviceAnywhere Studio or by visiting our contact us page. You can also call 24x5 1-877-338-4230 and select option 2.

How do I report a problem?

There are multiple ways. You can click on the "Report Issue" link that can be found in the upper right-hand corner of both Keynote DeviceAnywhere Studio and the DeviceAnywhere Enterprise web interface. You can also get in touch using our contact us page or call support at 1-877-338-4230, option 2.

What resources and training are available?

In addition to our customer support representatives, there are many training resources available to DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Interactive users. We will provide web training for every new customer. There is a DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Interactive User Manual with detailed descriptions of all functionality in the product. We host monthly webinars that demo key functionality. In addition, you will have an account manager who can always be contacted if you experience any problems.

What if the device I want to use is taken?

We usually have several devices of our most popular models available in DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Interactive. If none of the devices for the model you require are available, you can either wait for the device – in which case you will be in queue and will get notified when the device is free - or you can make a reservation to use it at a later time; users with reservations have priority.

Using DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Interactive

How does it all happen? How do I connect to a device?

When you log into your DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Interactive account for the first time, click on the "Download Keynote DeviceAnywhere Studio" link in the lower left-hand corner of the DeviceAnywhere Enterprise web page. Keynote DeviceAnywhere Studio is the primary interface for controlling and accessing the devices in DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Interactive.

How will you notify me of software updates?

As our primary application - Keynote DeviceAnywhere Studio – is a Java Swing application. A revision check is done each time it is launched in order to make sure you are working with the very latest version of our software.

Can I make advance device reservations?

Yes. We strongly encourage making advance device reservations using our built-in reservation system. That way, you are guaranteed device availability at the time that is most convenient or critical for you. You can always access any available device without a reservation on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that users with advance reservations have a higher priority than "walk-in" users.

I've heard you mention collaboration. How do you facilitate that?

We believe that mobile development is a highly collaborative process with multiple groups within an organization (QA, development, marketing) and multiple companies (developers, porting companies, consulting companies, testing companies, and publishers) working together to launch products. As such, DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Interactive provides several collaboration features to facilitate this process, including the ability to export one or multiple frames into a web repository, export movie clips from device activity to show collaborators actual application and device behavior, and share a device session with multiple collaborators.

What is the pricing model?

Subscriptions include unlimited hours of use across any of the handsets in DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Interactive. Each subscription is a concurrent user, so you may create as many users as you would like in the system, but only as many users as subscriptions can concurrently be logged into Keynote DeviceAnywhere Studio.

Are there any other charges associated with the system? Is airtime billed?

Our mobile handsets are equipped with unlimited data service plans, and airtime is not charged. In addition, premium service charges you incur while using the handsets, e.g. due to downloading a non-free game or ring-tone, are free up to $200 per subscription. Any additional charges will be passed through to you.

Can my subscription be used by other employees of my company, or outside contractors?

Yes. An unlimited number of user accounts may be created.

How do I add or change my subscriptions?

Contact your sales representative directly or by visiting the contact us page and they will be happy to assist you.