DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Automation is a cloud-based enterprise platform that automates the testing of all of your mobile apps and websites. It is highly scalable and purpose-built for mobile apps, including native, hybrid, and web, as well as mobile websites. QA teams can quickly create and automate test scripts to capture, verify and replay real user interactions on live mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. A faster, more efficient way to assure the quality of all your mobile assets delivering a true ROI for your organization.


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    Testing Requirements:
    The mobile testing process is not suited to a one-size-fits-all approach.

    You have different goals that require different types and levels of testing at different stages in the process. These needs dictate whether it makes sense to test manually or to automate your testing.

    automated mobile testing tools

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    Optimal Testing Strategy:
    This table compares these variables and the optimal test strategy for each type of testing.

    test automation strategy

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    Cost Comparison:
    Automated testing may not be right in every mobile testing scenario, but in most cases it can save significant amounts of time and money, and improve the effectiveness of your QA testing process.

    In the two charts to the right, you can see the incremental savings with automated testing v. manual testing over a three year period. While the costs for manual testing continue to rise, the costs for automated testing level off, and the ROI increases significantly.

    manual vs. automated mobile testing

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    When You Should Automate:
    Once you understand the benefits of automation, the question becomes when?

    Early in the development process it usually makes sense to conduct your testing manually while you refine your test strategy. Then, once you start to standardize your testing processes, automated testing starts to deliver significant benefits. 

    staging in test automation process


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    Support for All Smart Devices:
    Test popular smartphones and tablets on all operating systems (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone) from the same platform.

    android testing automation from the same platform

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    Control All Aspects of Devices:
    Built on Keynote’s patented Direct-to-Device® technology, DeviceAnywhere Enterprise Automation allows testers to remotely interact and control every aspect of the device including pressing handset buttons, viewing displays, listening to ringers and tones, playing videos, swiping touch screens, muting, powering on/off, downloading/installing apps, and sending/receiving messages. Any action that can be performed on a mobile device in-hand can be done on DeviceAnywhere.

    control all aspects of devices during test automation

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    Powerful Scripting Interface:
    With DeviceAnywhere ScriptObjects, users can create object-level scripts for native, Web, and hybrid applications within a real-device testing environment.

    test automation tool with Powerful Scripting Interface.

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    Easily Create Scripts:
    With the DeviceAnywhere Recorder anyone can easily build intuitive scripts, with no training required. The feature-rich recorder allows organizations to quickly develop robust scripts, containing precise validation checks, which can be quickly added to a user’s test suite. The speed and flexibility of the recorder are of great value for organizations with short, agile test cycles.

    DeviceAnywhere Recorder anyone can easily build intuitive scripts

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    Auto Capture, Verification and Replay of Live User Interactions:
    Get immediate identification and reporting of app issues and defects. Run in debug mode; easily pinpoint where the failure occurred. Scheduler runs test cases at your convenience.

    Test Cycles can be created to run multiple test cases across multiple devices. Dashboard enables users to view devices in real-time as tests are executing.

    Auto Capture, Verification & Replay of Live User Interactions

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    Professional Services:
    The Keynote Professional Services team can provide script writing services to help you get up and running faster. You'll get a scripting framework that internal resources can easily build upon. Additional training for your specific use cases is also available to help you get the most ROI out of the system.

    mobile testing automation professional team support


Our mobile scripting technology allows you to test on real devices with all the ease and convenience of browser-based testing. You can run test scripts across different mobile devices and platforms, accelerate time to market for new apps and platform support and save substantial time and cost.

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Our Java API gives you unprecedented flexibility and customization options.

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“DeviceAnywhere Enterprise acts as an early-warning system so that Humana can react to issues before our members encounter them. Members increasingly depend on their mobile devices, which is why we have focused on ensuring that information is available on the devices that our members use, and we are committed to ensuring the quality and uptime so that our customers know they will be able to access the information wherever and whenever they need it.”

Antonio Melo, Technology Manager for Enterprise Mobile Engineering

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Device Planner™
Device Planner enables users to analyze and assess the best devices and mobile operating systems for their mobile content and services based on target audience, performance requirements and market coverage. The tool provides customized recommendations regarding which devices and platforms to support and helps optimize test plans before beginning app development. This ensures that all their apps are optimized on the right devices and the right platforms to maximize reach with their target audience.

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Test Planner™
Test Planner helps enterprises create custom test plans for their mobile apps. The tool leverages some of the core capabilities of Device Planner™ to assess market coverage of different devices and platforms and optimize testing and QA plans accordingly. Test Planner allows you to manage your mobile app test cases and test plans in the same tool where your team is performing the testing. Use Test Planner to create a centralized QA plan encompassing all test cases and target devices, and make it available to all QA resources.

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